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Networking / POS Systems

Office Networking

Office cabling refers to the structured network of cables that connect to various devices including computers, phones, printers, and servers, within an office environment. By choosing to work with a professional office cabling installation company, you ensure the smooth day-to-day running of your business. 

Our professional office cabling installation in Camdenton also ensures the use of high-quality cables, connectors, and other components. This promises reliable connectivity, minimizing the risk of network disruptions or downtime.


Our professional office cabling installation also facilitates efficient cable management. We know that a well-organized cabling system simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, making it easier to identify and resolve issues promptly. 

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Our technology is sold, installed and serviced by Fortress Security & Alarms.

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There are many reasons why customers ask us to carry out their office cabling projects:


  • We offer tailor-made office cabling packages for office refurbishment to each customer.

  • We carry out full site surveys to assess your office, warehouse or industrial building’s current data cabling network systems.

  • We work on agreed budgets – you’ll get no surprises with our office cabling services in Camdenton. 

  • We can design and install a new or a refurbished network cabling infrastructure to meet agreed performance and environmental requirements.

  • We test all of our networks prior to installation and post-installation.

  • We have completed data cabling and computer networking contracts for businesses large and small, including retail, warehouses, professional firms and regional offices throughout Missouri state.

  • We are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly.

  • We ensure Health and Safety compliance.

  • We are neat and professional, using trunking, skirting trunking, modular floor systems, tray work, basket trays and ceiling voids for quality finish in any environment.

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Our technology is sold, installed and serviced by Fortress Security & Alarms.

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POS Systems

Power your business with Point of Sale

Accept in-person payments for your business anywhere. With our advanced point of sale solution, you can sell wherever you like—in store, at pop-ups, markets, events, sessions, the gym and more. 

POS for retail

POS for services

POS for events

Payment solutions

POS hardware

POS for mobile shops

No matter what you sell, our POS systems are tailored to fit your unique business needs.

Choose our POS hardware that works for your business. Our Retail POS kits cover your sales both in store and on the go. Our Mobile POS lets you accept in-person payments at events, pop-ups, classes, festivals, the gym and more. All our POS systems include built-in software, so simply log in and start selling.




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Our technology is sold, installed and serviced by Fortress Security & Alarms.

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