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GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Connected Car is Smart Security for the Road

A smart home security system gives you confidence. If there's trouble at home, you'll always know—even when you're not there. If only you could plug it into your car.

You could know about dangerous driving activity even when you weren't in the car yourself. You could stay one step ahead of emergencies, and feel more confident that your vehicle, and the people driving it, were safe.

With Connected Car from, you can. Take a look.

Ready to get started?

Our technology is sold, installed and serviced by Fortress Security & Alarms.

Connected Car is an extension of your home security system that plugs into your car, giving you a direct connection to its location, diagnostic status, and the behavior of its drivers.

If anything is wrong, it lets you know right away through your app.

Keep an eye on your favorite drivers

Does your teen's driving make you nervous? Connected Car lets you keep a safety-conscious eye on them when they're on the road without you.

With real-time alerts for sudden acceleration, hard braking and speeding, you'll know for sure if your teen is driving responsibly, or if you need to reach out and ask what's going on.

Connected Car
Stay one step ahead of emergency repairs


If you've ever waited at the roadside for a tow truck to take your stranded car to the shop, you know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Connected Car provides you with maintenance alerts that keep you one step ahead of emergency repairs and rescues. Whether your fuel tank is nearly empty, you need to get your engine checked or your battery is low, you'll be forewarned to fix the issue before it turns into a surprise expense.


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